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Thread: Watch out..Toyota comming to NASCAR.

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    Toyota will enter the Busch series in 2007.
    I think it will have a major impact. Honda will follow.

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    Rednecks ain't gonin to like this :yuk:

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    Honda usually least they did in the past.
    When nascar let the 4 door Ford cars in............ That to me was a major downside in my eyes.
    I'm sure Toyota will be ok. Not only having the fastest car wins those races. It's the desicions made during the race. Kinda like when Danica passed for the lead in the last few laps of the Indy 500. The worst mistake she had made! :skull:

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    dirty old man
    Its going to be interesting to see the same template fit the Fusion and Camry

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    It will be interesting when Toyota, Honda then maybe Nissan get in on the racing.
    NASCAR won't be the same if you ask me.
    I can here to BOOOOOOZ when they hit the race track. :crossx:

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    Who really cares? Anyone with half a brain knows that those cars don't have one factory part on them anyway! Nascar show how they were all about the $$$ when they pulled the diversity BS a year or two ago. Real drivers turn right!

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    Like Mark Martin not calling it quits. His main sponsor next year will be Tripple A. (AAA).
    What the hell are they promoting?
    Crashes and tow trucks?? :angry2:

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    I'm not a Nascar fan so I don't know for sure, but aren't they all powered by the same drivetrain?

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    Flying Tiger
    Rednecks ain't gonin to like this :yuk:
    Toyota has a big operation in Klantucky don't they?
    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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    im a huge nascar fan and always have been.. nascar has been on a downslide ever since dodge was reintroduced and "young guns" like jimmie johnson came in and earnhardt died.. aka: 2001. it seems like with earnhardts leaving lost alot of the heritage nascar had.. now wallace is gone, labonte is gone.. and now martin is leaving.. and now if you are over 14.. you will never make it into "nextel"(panzies) cup.. very stupid. whatever. :yuk:
    i guess thats what happens when you have a business ran by money hungry rednecks become extremely successful.

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