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    dirty old man
    I see you lurking and adding a few tidbits once in a while, and I've seen you in Boulder City. Thot you quit boating. Is that tru and why. We'll miss you (mostly Nancy) at Hallett Beach.

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    Thanks for noticing. Yes, we decided it was time. Been boating on Lake Mead since the sixties as well as Powell, Havasu, Parker, Shasta, The Delta, LOTO and many others. We were fortunate to see the highs ('83) and the lows ('04) at Mead, been 64 miles up the Grand Canyon, seen every kind of weather, every cove and beach at every level. Even saw a pterodactyl once up a long, long canyon at Powell. Anyway, its time to move on as we're both retired now. Traveling more, cruising more with the occasional trip to Boulder City. I jump in here now and again when I see something outrageous just to stir the pot. The kids still have a boat at the lake, so we may get to Hallett Beach once in a while. Also have to get out of the sun more...

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    Hey Burt & Nancy!
    It's Shelby & Chris, you know, the Talon, the Skater, and now the DCB. We've got the big Sunseeker finally, thanks to you letting us hang on the Sea Ray that July 4th so long ago. (I can't take the heat as well these days) Sorry to hear you won't be boating as much, but I hope retirement treats you both well. Heck, I'm sure it is.
    Take care of yourselves!!!

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    Shelby & Chris, well, you really stirred things up when you bought the Sunseeker. Nancy & I went to the boat show in Newport and Nancy fell in love with a Preditor that was on a fractional deal. We came close before we came to our senses.
    The last time I saw you two across the harbor was at the pump out station in the Marina at Heminway. Hope to catch you next time...

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