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Thread: ? 1996 JEEP Cherokee ?

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    No starty :cry:
    No power to coil?
    Would one suspect crank sensor failure!

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    Big Kahunaa
    Check the the power supply relay i think it's called ads relay

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    I have a 96 also. It did this one time too. I didn't check power to the coil but it was the crankshaft sensor. Can't remember if it did turn over or not though.

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    Aqua Boogie1
    I have a 96' also, and after trouble shooting and $4000.00, it's RUNNING!!!!!!!! :notam:

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    Buddy of mine had an old XJ and nothing but problems with the crank shaft sensor, throttle pos sensor, coils, etc. Best to buy a scan tool rather than throw money at it. He was too cheap to buy the scan tool and replaced $1000s in parts before he found the problem. Can't remember what it was, it was a few years back.

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    spectras only
    It's the crank position sensor connector . Go to radio schack and get a contact cleaner [ neutrol ] , unplug the connector and spray the cleaner on both ends. If you can't find the cleaner , WD-40 would work as well. If you take your vehicle to the dealer , they would suggest replacing expensive parts :220v: . It's a known problem with cherokees and a money maker for the dealerships. . The sensor operates at very low voltage , and when the voltage drops below 0.7 volts the computer will not send signal to the distributor , hence no spark . The connector can be located by the wire coming from the bellhousing up to the rear of the cylinderhead .

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