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Thread: Any Plumbers in Havasu?

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    little rowe boat
    That install soft water and reverse osmosis systems?

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    West water 928 855-4273
    He installed ours about 3yrs ago,very reasonable and haven't had any problems.

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    Cinnamon 928.453.7110
    Clearwater 928.855.8688
    make sure they know Karl at Summit refered you

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    little rowe boat
    Thanks, I'll give all 3 a call.

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    bought ours from Sears and had their guy install it. Was like around 100 bucks I think. That maybe each though. It should be very reasonable as houses in Havasu are preplumbed for the stuff and they just have to hook it up.

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    little rowe boat
    Thanks, anyone else???

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    little rowe boat
    I have called and left messages at some of the recommeneded.
    Anyone else have someone in mind??

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    Call Van Rooy Plumbing, great people, have done three units on three different houses and they have great follow through.

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    Craig Plumbing did my RV garage and did a great job and always returned my calls. Van Rooy came out and looked at my plans and took measurements and would never return my calls for my quote.

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    little rowe boat
    Do you have any phone numbers??

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