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Thread: where to find rebuildable 502

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    Makin' Do
    Someone told me that there is an advertisement in Hot Boat for guaranteed rebuildable 502 engines for $500. I can't find a magazine anywhere so could some one tell me what the ad says and a phone number would be great. Sorry the guy was pretty vague about the ad he just said that it was in Hot Boat.
    Thanks guys,

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    Tahiti Day Cruiser
    I read ***boats regularly and have never seen that post but if you find a rebuildable 502 for $500 let me know and I'll buy two. Considering that the block isn't cracked http://free.***

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    Makin' Do
    The guy said the were mercruser test motors that some thing had happened to but when machined to .060 would be ok.

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    Look in the back in the classifieds the 502 short and long blocks are pretty well priced long round $5000. If youre looking at reubilding one that is probably a minimum for what your gonna put in a block that probably has no warranty against being cracked. Just put my personal block back together salvadged block, crank, rods and heads and still dropped 6 Gs eek!

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