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Thread: i'd like to say something...

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    I just think its funny AS HELL that on my pics page in the image center, the ones w/ my girl in them and the beer worship pic have CONSIDERABLY more hits than the other ones. I just thought I'd point that out. I thought it was VERY funny!...ok im done. have a nice night.

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    I noticed the same thing in my gallery, chick pic's got 1k's of hits :rollside:

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    Question is, would you expect anything else?

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    don't make go looking "help a brother out and post them here" :rollside: :rollside:
    He made it easy...he's got a link in his sig line

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    ouch! that was good...i'd have go give it to ya GOT ME haha

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    Kim Hanson
    Pat the stuff in the pink is pretty sweet looking........( . )( . ).....JerseyClown eh

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