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    Well here it is guy's.After 6 time's taken apart the f....n engine,this is what we found.#1,lifter collapsed,causing retaining spring tobe lost,untill pulling #1/8 piston.What we found was spring got lodged between piston #8 under oil ring causing minor damage to piston.We debure'd.Next,we found roller rocker's binded,so we grinded bottom and fix'ed.Put together engine again and found knock still there.F...n rod stretched.Overreved.We got the engine up to 6100 rpm's for 50 sec's,get that?.So #1/8 rod's need to be replaced this weekend.God 455's I've had enough.$7200 into so far,so much for beleiving. burningm

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    I feel your pain( I have one too) You just have to baby that thing. cruise with occasional WOT blasts and it should stay together wink You already know what everybody is going to sy eek! Buy a chevy eek!

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    Jungle Boy
    Why have a boat engine that you can only walk on it occasionaly. The 455 is a relic from the past, and without major work it will never be a all out jet boat motor, unlees you just cruise around at 3500 / 4500 rpm. I know that I'll get flamed for this, but I read in here every day of another guy asking for help on the same problems over and over. Bite the bullet and change out the 455.

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    Why are you trying to run a 455 over 5000rpm? That's not what they were designed for. If you want max Rs you should have been building a Chevy or Ford. I hate to say it, but looks like you built that motor too big.

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    man, you guys need to read this thread, http://free.***;f=11;t=001896 where have you been when i need a little support?

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    Wet Dream
    6100 revs for 50 secs is a new record for a 455. (not really) Forget the oiling issues and what not, but I have to ask...what was your speed at that rpm? Were you juicing the engine? Anyway, if you're turning an A impeller at that speed, either your pump is shot to hell, you were out of water for 50 secs or your tach is way off. I gotta hear more about this. I'm curious because I'm turning that 'relic from the past'.

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    5500 maybe, but not 6100. Whatever you're turning with that engine needs to be bigger (prop, impeller)!

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