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Thread: Looking to buy a house in Blythe

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    I am looking to purchase a house on the water above Blythe. Does any one know of homes/trailers for sale????
    Or any info to help us purchase????
    Is all the land owned by the Indians if so what should we know before purchasing.

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    yes I understand. I friend of mine had problems with an Indian lease. I would like to avoid that. Any help please.

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    we have a place in Hidden Valley, north of Water Wheel and south of Lost Lake. Indian lease land, 75yrs. But we have a private channel, water fluctuates but keeps the crowds way down. Ill take jet skiiers anyday over huge party boats and offshore cruisers.
    pm me anymore questions, been boating there for over 15yrs.
    best boat for the river= 21jet for newbies
    IOs and Vdrives for peeps who know the water, i have a 21 vdrive. best of luck.

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    Try to call the city of Blythe. I am guessing they will know where the indian land is and where its not. Also, check your PM's

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    Figure that anything above the Palo Verde Diversion (Wier) Dam is Indian Reservation. And no matter what your lease says, they can kick you off anytime they want. A lease with CRIT isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

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