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    OK Gentlemen.... As usual, I'm starting to go overboard during the reassembly of my 671 Blown 460 BBF. It sports a pair of stocker D3VE-A2A heads that have been machine for double springs, but no port work.. Does anyone out here have a better set of heads for sale? How much? If not, what do you guys think about these on ebay?:
    I would really like an honest opinion. I've always been into BBC, so I'm really new into the BBF's.. Don't really know what the prices should be on these things. Thanks, Ivan
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    there are always the cobajet heads or the dove castings(68-72)these heads will offer higher compression ratios because of there smaller combustion chambers.You can have your current heads ported to improve performance also.If you are staying blown you want the lower compression ratio right?

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    YES, I want to keep the lower compression ratio, that's why I'm really wondering if I should get any of the earlier heads. The reason I was contemplating the ones on ebay, is by the time I get mine ported, machined for the screw in studs, etc, I would probably have just as much, if not a whole hell of a lot more money into them. I should probably just use mine the way they are for now, and play with the boat this Summer. Then if it's not as fast as I would like, worry about changing them out next Winter. Decisions, decisions...

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    hack job
    stick with your 73 heads they are good as long as you have them plorted and polished. and you should be fine . you wnat ot keep the comp ratio down with a blower!

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    Now, just to find someone in the Memphis area that I can trust to do a decent port and polish?

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    Lakesmodified, isn't Racing Head Service still in Memphis?

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    Originally posted by pgf127rt:
    Lakesmodified, isn't Racing Head Service still in Memphis?
    That's a GOOD question! I work as an aircraft line mechanic for FedEx, and I drive right by RHS every day. They closed their doors to the public a few years ago, though you still can see work going on in the building, and the name remains. I believe they just might do work for race teams, etc.
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    lmod,I just wondered, back in the stone ages, when I was in the Memphis area and Little Rock, we used them all of the time great work reasonable prices, those heads on e-bay were done by Craig Caulk in Houston, the owner driver of the Nitro-Fish Top Fuel Hydro, he could be a source as you have the shipping already worked out.

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    GM Killer
    I would run the Blue Thunder heads with the Chevy exhaust port. They have three combustion chamber to choose from, make good power, and use stock type valve train components. I run these on my big motor and are making good power. I run the aluminum CJ heads on another motor and are content with them, but they are not the Blue Thunders

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