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Thread: Just a comment

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    Maybe, I am showing my age, but all the BS about swinging is starting to bother me. I am not too much of a prude and have no desire to impose my beliefs on anyone, but I do think that this is getting old.
    For some, it is just a joke, but one that I think is getting old. If people want to have sex parties, orgies or swap parties, it is their business. I just don't think should be a source of constant discussion, organizing or attitude on here. My personal opinion is that fidelity is a cornerstone of a marriage and that it says little for a couple that must 'entertain' that way.
    Of course, I am not much into any party scene where drinks and/or drugs are vital part, either. Seeing how much or fast you can get fried has never much appealed to me.
    Whether or not anyone takes my comments to heart is up to that person. I am just one person with an opinion and it not my desire to say anything negative about any individuals. I originally got started here when they were showing naked women. At first, it was entertaining to see the lovely ladies, but then people started to get out of control. When it was done, HB slammed the door on nudity. I have to wonder what will happen if the social content gets too far out of control here. We have several members that have teenage kids. How would they feel about their parents being on a forum that focused this much on sex and partying?
    I am interested in any sober and thoughtful opinions on this. If you want to make childish remarks, please don't. If you want to make a rebuttal about the lifestyle, not a problem. I have not exactly had a saintly past, but I would probably be classified as a fogey nowadays.

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    What are your thoughts on cereal in a can?....

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    Good Post. I agree.

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    Good Post. I agree.Didn't you see where he said no Childish remarks? :rollside:

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    I think most agree(me too), but I find it entertaining in a demented way

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    I agree...This is why all of the original members have gone elsewhere.

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    Don't take things so seriously here Seadog. To me, being called a swinger is ridiculous. I just make light of it with sarcasm.

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    What are your thoughts on cereal in a can?....
    Makes about as much since as dry roasted beets. But you`d have to consult brown since he has a high fiber diet and eats alot of roots.

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    All this Schiat is funny to me!! I enjoy the hell out of it!!

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    I agree with is a joke. Like most of the crap here! Dont get so worked up sweetie. I think most of us have children here & I agree...this probably wont be the kind of silliness I will not use when my boys become teens!

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