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Thread: Drunk At The Movies

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    Rattle Can Lou
    Get a load of this group of drunks. OK, so Smoooth wasn't drunk. This is what happens when you start drinking at 8:30 AM. RR II and some friends.

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    they may be on the feeling good side but they still know more than I will ever know about v-drives

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    Rattle Can Lou
    Look at how much Billy has aged. He's the third from the right.

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    Look at how much Billy has aged. He's the third from the right. wow thats what i have to look forward to i don't feel good
    about geting old :cry: one good thing looks like you could
    wear each others clothes. :rollside:

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    I was worried about sneeking in my beer in to the theater past the ticket lady she probably could have taken down half the crowd :crossx:

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    Look at all those old dudes, except that guy on the right, cant be a day over 30.
    That ought to be worth some brownie points towards some rigging.

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    Awright, glad you fellers had a nice time. We don't get to do this kind of boat movie stuff over here on the Right Side...unless there's a ditch pump in the back of it and there's two of 'em side by side. Then somebody makes a movie. And it only lasts about 12 seconds. And they post it on the 'net. So there's no party.
    Now, how about a caption for us THAT DON'T KNOW WHO EVERYBODY IS! :220v:
    I do recognize the Minegars....they're world famous. (And so are you, Wayne)
    Thank you very much.

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    Sumbitch, looks like I missed out on the fun again!.. Now about the guy on the right.......

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    Dave Sammons
    From left to right...Dick "Smoooth" Waldrip, The "Famous" Minegar brothers...This is just another typical day for Rattle Can Lou...hammered by noon( does he even paint the top of a Honda Civic being that short?) standing next to him is his refined, soon to be Governer of Idaho brother Pat, then boatracing/cocktailing legend Dick VanBeenan, next to him is a man of mystery known only as "PimpDaddy" , that's me on the end...what an honor to be a part of THIS group!!

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