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Thread: Floating Mobile at Elsinore

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    Neck Check
    Been lurking for a long time.
    A while back, maybe a year, there were some pictures of a mobile home floating at Elsinore. Story was, I think, it was launching jet skis and slid in.
    Anyway, my buddy is buying a new truck and is trying to convice his wife how important 4wd is when towing the boat. He wants that picture or any others to show here. He knows that 4wd is not necessary but wants it anyway. He goes to Elsinore maybe half a dozen times a year...

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    Hardly Satisfied
    I have a 04 F250 4x4 crewcab and i use it pulling it out of the water.I know that i will not get stuck because some of the trucks are light in back and the tires just does help alot.I don't go of road at all

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    Phat Matt
    It helps a lot with the Elsinore slime on the ramp.

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    a catered life
    i dont have a 4x4 but sure needed one in parker last year the water was really low and with my hull i have to get deep to launch my trailer got stuck on the end of the ramp and the rear tires were in the water and yes the slime got me spinning rubber i had to have another truck pull me out if they dont already have a truck they should buy the best truck for the money they can afford

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    I launched my 26 footer at elsinore last year with just a 4X2. Did just fine. But a 4X4 is a little extra insurance.

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    Compare the resales of 4X to 2X, and you'll see a lot of it back at resale time, so the hit isn't as bad as it seems.
    Try that angle on the wife.

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    It used to be in the gallery, try searching there or the threads.

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    Neck Check
    I looked for about an hour and couldn't find it anywhere. Anyone got any good f' up pictures at the ramp though?

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    Phat Matt
    A few years ago I was pulling out my 24' boat with a 4x4 Nissan Pathfinder. Next to me was a 2x Suburban pulling out a little jet boat. He couldn't pull it out and had to have the ramp attendant with a quad hook up a tow rope. People were laughing because my little truck pulled out the bigger boat no problem...because of 4 wheel drive.

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