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    1978 Rogers
    Would you allow the government to listen to your phone calls or whatever if it would help avoid another 9/11? If it keeps another 9/11 from happeninn, I say sure listen to whoever the hell you think can give U info that will stop, apprehend or lead to the arrest of terrorists. The world has changed people. I'm tired of hearing someone's Civil Rights were violated, for the best interests of the USA.;_ ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

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    Steve 1
    LOL this is good also.
    Yonkers, N.Y.: John Spencer, the Republican-Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, criticized Senator Clinton for attacking President Bush's terrorist surveillance program.
    According to the Associated Press, Senator Clinton called President Bush's eavesdropping on domestic telephone phone calls involving terrorists "strange" and "far-fetched."
    The program monitors al-Qaeda terrorists and their associates placing phone calls into or from the United States which is the type of communication that preceded the 9/11 attacks.
    Reacting to the news, John Spencer – made the following statement:
    "I find it incredible that Senator Clinton would attack a National Security Agency program that protects New York.
    Senator Clinton's comments today clearly demonstrate that she fails the test of wartime leadership, by playing politics with National Security, jeopardizing our safety and signaling to our enemies that we are a divided nation lacking the nerve to employ every necessary means to defend itself.
    This is not 'domestic spying' on ordinary Americans. It's a tool that even FDR used in fighting World War II. Clearly, Senator Clinton lacks the judgment to be Commander in Chief, let alone Senator."

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    The only people who fear being listened in on are the criminals and those who defend them. (i.e. ACLU)

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    Blown 472
    The only people who fear being listened in on are the criminals and those who defend them. (i.e. ACLU)

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    Who on here, had recieved from, or made to any long distance (overseas mind you) telephone calls any lokations in the middle east terrorists are known to be or are suspected to be operating since 2001? If you don't fit THAT description, your privacy has been left alone.
    I have. I've made a handful of calls home from the Sultinate Of Oman back in '01/'02 when I was there. Were they listened to? Maybe, maybe not. They were made from a US MIL INSTALATION (well, ok, a US Mil TENT on an RAFO instalation). Do I care? No. Have any of my domestic LD calls been listened to? No. Were any of them listened to durring the Clinton administration "RANDOM DOMESTIC" wiretap opperation nobody ever seems to remember? Yea, probably so. Wonder if they still have tapes of me calling my g-ma?

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    I have to love it when the liberal say, if you do not like reading or seeing something offensive, that you should just ignore it. Yet when the simple solution to the wiretap situation is that if you do not want the government eavesdropping on your phone calls, do not call outside the U.S. or do not use the phones to plan somethng illegal. I think most of the liberal politicians are afraid the public might find out things concerning who actually pulls their strings. And don't forget the drug deals that might be uncovered.

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    1978 Rogers
    Anyone can listen to my phone calls with a scanner. We have a 5 year old cordless phone. Scanners pick them up. I did it a few time back in college when nothing else was going on. Some buddys & I would scan the channels looking for a girlfiend yelling at her boyfiend or conversations like that. :argue:
    My room mate had a powered subwoofer. Sometimes that would pick up CB talk close by. It used to be anoying as hell. We had to unplug it all the time. It sounded like someone was talking very quietly.

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