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Thread: Boat Show on Sunday

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    That Guy
    At the risk of being thrown off HB...I have an actual boating related question that isn't calling anyone names or any other BS. If this doesn't interest you, please drive through.
    I know there are multiple threads about the show but hadn't heard anything about who might be attending this Sunday. We will be there and we'd love to say hi to any of you who might be attending on Sunday. If there are enough of us, maybe we could hook up for drinks or dinner. Just a thought....thanks.

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    Maybe out there Sunday not 100% sure though.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    ...maybe we could hook up for drinks or dinner.
    Sure. Since you are buying, how about Mortons?

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    I'll be there. Heading to Tito's Tacos when we're done!!

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    That Guy
    Cool, lets keep the list going....

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    We will be there but may have our daughter (13 mos.) with us, so not sure about drinks or dinner. Can't wait though, it's always a great time.

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    Myself, lightning and kwicherbichen will be there Sunday as well...

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    LAFD will be there. we can meet up somewere im down for some dinner after.

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    I'll be there with wife and kids. Just look for a middle aged 6'5'' 300 lb partly balding guy, yes im the good lookin one.

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    sunday for me

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