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Thread: cant get my pics to download

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    86 catalina
    any help, large files,etc.....Cant get my pics up what am i doing wrong..

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    You need a photo editing program to resize the pics (I use Photoshop but many use free programs that I'm sure they can recommend, I think XP might even have one included), down to 750 wide for forum posting. Also use jpeg or gif format, not bmp (huge file sizes). See announcement at top of Hot Spots West for posting details.

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    86 catalina
    Thank you lets see what i got...

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    any help, large files,etc.....Cant get my pics up what am i doing wrong..
    Your picture has to be hosted on the internet somewhere. ***boat has a section called the image center where most people host their images. You need to register there and once registered, follow the directions for uploading your image from your computer to the HB image center. Once there and the picture is uploaded, right click on the full size picture, and scroll down to properties. Copy the URL address and then come back to the forums. Find the thread you want to paste in and post a reply. Paste the URL address in the thread. In front of the address put .
    After the image put .... .

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