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Thread: Which Jet Do You Think Is Best? With Pics!

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    Big Fisho
    I own 2 jets and I plan to rebuild one of these jets for my own boat. My boat is a deep V fiberglass fishing boat (ocean use) powered by a marinised 5.0 V8.
    My problem is I can not decide which jet to rebuild!!!!!!
    I have tried to find information about these jets but because they are old, its hard to find detailed information.
    I am not on expert on the subject of jets - but some of you guys are! So I have taken a heap of pictures and I would like you guys to look at these and give your opinion which jet will be the most effecient.
    I welcome your opinions, but please don't tell me to buy another brand of jet - its too late for that.
    Pics of my jets located at:

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    None of the above.Call Tom Papp.(951)734-4606

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    Looks like you've found the two red headed step children of the jet world.
    They're both just axial pumps (props in a tube), so you aren't going to get any real speed out of either one. If you are dead set on one of them, just use the one that needs the least work to make it run.

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    sanger rat
    Don't know if anybody here will have the anwser you are looking for. But I think the white one looks to be the better one of the two.

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    a deep v ocean use fishing boat isn't looking for big speed. It looks to me the one on the right would be a better choice....bigger nozzle and more surface area on the impeller. That combo will probably get your boat moving easier with the weight you have.

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    Irvine, CA
    I would think that the Austrailian Taipan pump to be the better of the two (the black one) ...
    With the 8 vane bowl and 6 blade impeller ... it just seems to be in better shape.
    Something to remember is that these pumps have a completely different functional purpose than what we use them for. He's using them for fishing ... and he would be looking for a different type of performance ... shoot jets are used in ferry's and tug boats ... their pumps are totally different as well.
    Question: Big Fisho ... where are you located?

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    Big Fisher
    Thanks for the reply guys - its very much appreciated.
    I had to register again because of log in problems.
    I am located in Melbourne, Australia.
    I do think I need an axial flow pump for my Deep V Ocean going boat. I have a Berk style pump with mixed flow impeller but I did not consider this for obvious reasons.
    Do you think the Black jet has an impeller similar to a Panther jet?

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    Well, the white one is a Jacuzzi YJ. So, if you ever decided you wanted to go to a mixed pump you could just upgrade with the Energizer kit.
    I'd imagine it would depend on what kind power plant you're going to use and how big the boat is.

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    Big Kahunaa
    you seed me some cool cars from Australia i'll send you a berk pump

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    Big Fisher
    What the hell do you mean?
    These axial flow pumps are better for my application than a Berk will ever be.

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