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    Steve 1

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    Old Texan
    Someone has to stop the Israeli slave trade.......and that is the Hamas prime directive.
    How do I know, I Googled up "Israels white slave trade" and read several far left polit sites and a couple blogs and have the facts.
    I need to get going, the aluminum foil lining my ceiling is falling and I've noticed the sky in my new world isn't blue anymore and..............
    Hey isn't that Rummy shaking hands with.......

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    I say we just let Israel and the Palestinians take off the gloves and duke it out. It would be over in about 5 minutes and we can get on with our lives knowing that there are a few less terrorists around. Maybe Blown will go join the fight and be "martyred" for the Hamas cause. A true "win win" situation

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    Here's how I see it going in the next year or so .....
    Since we can safely assume the Iraqi general is right in his bookj that the WMD's Hussein "never had" were transferred to Syria, Syria has been RUNNING lebanon for decades now untill recently, has been one of Hamas' homes, and Syria has bagun last week meetings with Iran, who have theatre-range missle capability, Here's where it all comes to.
    Hamas gets Iraqi chemical weapons from Syria.
    Clouds of Sarin & Mustard are released over Jerusalem and several other cities by Hamas Terrorists.
    Israel rightfully turns Gaza city into a smoking pile of cinders.
    Iran sends a missile or 2 to Israel, loaded with more of the same chemicals.
    Israel rightfully turns Teheran and several other cities in Iran into ash-piles.
    Peace is now had, since Syria doesn't want any new parking space in or arround Damascus. Egypt no longer plays already & Saudi Arabia won't bark either.

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    Blown 472
    To shame, a democraticaly voted in party, strange there are americans dying in a country to establish the same thing. Perhaps the pals are sick of what israel is doing to them. And they used the power of a vote to make a point, anit democracy grand???

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