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Thread: Volunteers Needed for Disaster Exercise

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    LA County Operational Area Full-Scale Exercise on Thursday, February 2,
    2006 from 7am-noon.
    LA County is trying to raise volunteers for the two exercise locations;
    1,500 in Glendale and 500 in Long Beach. Right now they are at least
    500 short, so any assistance would be of great help.
    The purpose of this exercise is to test the Cities Readiness Initiative
    (CRI) Plan. The CRI Plan was funded by the Centers for Disease Control
    and Prevention to ensure a local jurisdiction can respond to an
    aerosolized release of anthrax and give medications to the impacted
    population within 48 hours. The scenario calls for activation of a Point
    of Dispensing (POD) site to dispense antibiotics to 1,500 people per
    hour in response to a bioterrorism incident.
    While the focus of the exercise is on bioterrorism, the planning and
    preparedness efforts undertaken by the Operational Area during the
    current exercise program can also be applied to a pandemic flu outbreak
    The Los Angeles County Operational Area conducts an emergency
    preparedness exercise every year and the bioterrorism scenario is not
    based on any credible threat.
    NOTE: This is NOT a CERT event! Do not wear your helmet or vest! We are
    offering you an opportunity to experience a large-scale event. You do
    not have to have completed CERT to participate.
    Sign up at You can get a flyer,
    more information, directions and instructions there.
    Linda Underwood for

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    next week wish we could help if work did not get in the way :yuk: , figure I would bump the thread

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    Phat Matt
    Can I be Jack Bauer?

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