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Thread: Has anyone heard from...

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    ....Piper??? (http://www.*** Just wondering how he was doing?

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    I have sent him a few Emails but no reply. :cry:

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    Hello everyone. Sorry for taking so long to get back online. It's been crazy out here. These guys just don't give up. Everyday is a mortar party around here. My team and I work long hours 7 days a week. There's no such thing as a day off or even time off out here. When I'm not flying I'm working on our birds. In case anyone was wondering, yes my baby has been shot up on several occasions but we have a great team here that can have her patched up and back up in the air in no time. The weather has gotten better. During the summer is was out of control. 135+ degrees on the norm, but last month it started getting cooler and now it's about normal around here. Almost like a winter day in Glamis. Shoot it almost looks like Glamis out here except everyonce in a while we'll fly over a sand dune and surprise a couple of guys carrying guns. I do miss being home and playing on the river on a 3 day weekend, but hey as long as these soldiers need us out here I will be here to get them out. Well thanks for remebering about me. Like I said I'm still alive and doing good. Thanks for all the support.

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    RIGHT ON, keep up the great work. My family and I support you 100%

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I don't know you but you are doing the work of an American Hero. To me all I can do is say thanks.
    You and your team and the rest of the U.S. Military have my 100% suport.

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    sam pioske
    God bless all of you!

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    I don't know You either but You can be reasured that My thoughts are with You Guys over there all the time. You Guys are protecting what America ia all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tHANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey Piper,
    I see you got my email.
    God Bless all of you and Happy Holidays.

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    when you get back in town, give us a shout! Glad to hear from you!

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