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Thread: Oil Pan Drain

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    Hi Guys,
    I am almost done w/ my BBC and just installed a new Milidon 10 qt. Pan, Part #31305. The pan has a 12AN drain plug. Much larger than any other pan I have seen. I can not find a drain hose kit or adapter w/ this size fitting. I realize I can go to the hardware store and bush it down to a smaller pipe fitting, but would much rather find a straight fit so as to drain the pan to the bottom of the hole when changing oil. This plug is a large Boss style w/ an o-ring, not pipe thread. Anybody know what I can do? I hate the thought of sucking out 10 qts, or watching it go into my hull. (again)
    Thanks a bunch

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    Sorry, the part # is, 31557.

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    Do you have room to screw in a 90 degree AN fitting, then screw braided hose to the 90, then run it back towards the drain in rear of boat and cap it off with a cap?

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    Boy, that sounds easy. I keep thinking I need a valve at the pan. The engine is still out so I could do that. I don't think I will have room once it is installed. Is a valve, like a ball valve, needed?

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    back i n the day when we restored my dads boat i had to do the same thing with the 90 degree fitting and then i installed a gate valve next to the pam and ran a braided hose out the back with a plug in it also. ( just pull the drain hose out the drain hole in the backof the boat when needed) JUST MY .02

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    Ya really don't need the valve. Just put a cap on the end of the line. You can fix a mount to hold it down along the stringer or coil it up behind the headers, then just stick it out the rear and take the cap off to drain. Or you could put the 90 in and a short hose from the 90 and cap it where it is easy to get to. Then to drain the oil, hold the line up, hook you an extension line to it and drain it that way. May look more bling than riding around with the long hose all the time.

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    Thanks Guys,
    I just ordered the fittings from CP and am going with the short hose option, bling factor not so much, braided hose price factor more of a deciding point! Thanks again!

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    cancel the order with CP and get the stuff from SuperDave here on the boards. I'm sure he can hook you up with more bang for your buck.

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