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Thread: MsMeads1 Boat pics...

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    WOW! I just saved all of those. What a difference from before. I would be hesitant to even drill a single hole. Very nice!

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    Future ''NKRA'' member in the Making!! Another AWESOME piece in the WORKS! cant wait to SEE it RUN down the RIVER!!!

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    Worth the wait Jerry --very nice....Steve

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    That is BADASS!..

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    That looks great what does a job like that cost.

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    That Floor Is Beautiful!

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    We have a Bieser @ Mels and i saw this thing through all phases... It turned out pretty nice!
    Congrates ...

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    Beautiful Noise
    That Floor looks beautiful Ive been trying to get my Boat out to Mel's BUT it doesnt look like its going to happen this year,Maybe this Winter

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    Thanks Jerry for posting.
    Mel did a geat job and well worth the wait. (3 months)
    Mel was very easy to work with and asked many questiions to make sure when I picked up the boat it was right
    Thanks to Jerry for turning me onto Mel, thanks to Wayne for taking all the measurements and sending me pictures of his boat so I coud make sure mine was right and thanks to Dave Rankin for taking the time to look through his "little black book" to give me the correct cav plate recess on the bottom of the hull.
    Next step, rigging.
    Happy boating

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