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Thread: How often should one expect

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    to replace a flatscreen monitor for your desktop. Mine flat-out will not work anymore. It's only about 16 months old!

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    NO CLUE, still working on the same 20" CRT 8 yrs later
    you sure it's not the video card?
    have you plugged the monitor into another PC?

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    How's it going SK! CRT's I think last forever. I know the life for flat panels are much shorter, but I wasn't expecting to have to purchace another one so soon. I'm using my old CRT right now and it's a strain on the eyes.

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    Tom Brown
    We've been running LCDs where I work for a few years and have had better reliability out of them than CRTs. Of course, we only run low end equipment here.

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    Generally LCDs last longer then any other monitors. Crt's are good, but after time will lose their phosfors (sp?) which causes them not to be as brite. I dont see any reason a LCD shouldnt last over 5 years.

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