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Thread: Project Hawaiian Part II

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    Project Hawaiian Part II has officially begun. It's been a while getting started with moving, getting the new garage cleaned out and set up. The boat is finally in the garage and the project is started!

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    That looks great,u can lay with it now :rollside:

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    Dimarco Kid
    You gonna install full length stringers? I had a Southwind Formula with engine length stringers, wholy hook batman!!!! Bad didn't handle for beans. Installed fulls and fixed the hook, screamed. Nice project boat, good luck!!!!

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    Ok, my project looks much less daunting now that I've seen yours, thanks for the motivation. :crossx:

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    Ok, my project looks much less daunting now that I've seen yours, thanks for the motivation. :crossx:
    I have faith in DD..See that ski in the bow of the hull? I bet he resin's that into the hull to add to the ridgedness of the hull...

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    Thanks, BBB. I may just add the ski's to act like "speed rails", lol!
    Here is a flashback to Project Hawaiian Part 1.

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    Wet Dream
    You got your work cut out for you.

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    I think Dave had us all wondering what was going on when he cut up that trailer a couple of months ago. When it was finished a couple of weeks later he had a really nice tandem axle trailer.
    It didn't take long to get the trailer done and I bet the boat takes shape in short order also. Not to mention the fact that he is too darn old to make this a long term project (LOL).
    Go get em Dave. We all will be watching your progress.
    L J

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    Yeah- I gotta keep my wife happy so she will let me live long enough to "git 'er done".
    And Lynnsjet- this seems to be a case of "the pot callin' the kettle black" with regards to being OLD!

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