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Thread: Motor swap good or bad?

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    Thinking of pulling my 1991 502 out of my current ride and swaping it with a new ride [81 eliminator day cruiser] it has a hardin 454 405 hp. Is this a good motor should i swap? Or what the 502 has 415 hp w/out the stainless marine exhust which i will use.

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    spectras only
    superV, I would check the #'s on your 454 Hardin engine first ,before pulling it.It may well be an LS-6 with 450HP on tap. Many california daycruisers came with the LS-6 in the seventies and eighties.It's an excellent block with high RPM potentials.If you have the log manifolds on it ,just cut the step off on the riser manifold to open it to 3 1/2 .I'm spinning a 14x13 cupped prop at 5300 rpm with my LS-6.
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    Thanks ill do that I do know my 502 is a steel Bow Tie block! If i get the #s can any one tell whats up or who do I call?

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    just checking again!

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    Dennis Moore
    The 502 is superior to an LS6 - same crankshaft, rods,heads, intake manifold, better camshaft, go with the 502.
    Sincerely Dennis Moore
    Family and Performance Boating

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