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    January 27, 2006
    Hello People,
    Does the NJBA need its own web site forum?
    I want to ask the Membership to do and informal vote to see whether or not we need a “NJBA Official Racers Forum” where you can go to get the latest info, gossip or parts house links, about/from/hard feelings on your racing activities
    The forum is needed because we – The NJBA must provide a better way to disperse information without going to another forum to spread our information, which I personally think is not the way we need to spread our info.
    On the NJBA web forum site, you would have a direct link to communicate with the officers and board members through the “Personal Message” option.
    That option lets the sender and receiver have anonymity if they need it.
    Please let me know what you think so I can take the information gathered here back to the board members.

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    I'm not a member of the NJBA but I think it's a good idea to have your own forum. It really is a good way to get info out to the membership providing they go there to read it. The suggestion I would make is to set up a portion of it where everyone can read but only NJBA members can post. It's a little more work for the Administrator of the board but it sure will keep down the riff raff from outsiders.
    You could have Forums like-
    NJBA News - maybe this could be a read only forum specifically for announcements
    The Rule Book again, just a read only forum listing all the rules
    The Pit Stop - a forum for open discussion by everyone
    The Racer's Lounge - a forum for the members only to discuss current policies, events, rules, etc

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    Its an excellent idea willis.. Relaying info through this site isnt the best way to do things.
    The racers can still promote things here, that seems to be working.

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    I disagree with Cas. I would only set up one forum for race related topics. When you have 5 different forums with little or no use (which would be the case) it makes the site look weak. People dont show intrest in message boards that dont have activity. When you spread a small amount of activity over 5 different forums its very slow and boring.
    I think one forum dedicated to everything regarding racing would be perfect. A classified section for selling parts and boats etc. is a good idea, but lets face it, if you want to sell something you go to

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    good idea IMO.Should be made a njba members only and use of a boat number,member names to acces vs log in names

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    The reason I suggested the read only forums is for just that, reading. For me, I'd like to be able to read and referrence a forum without having the info scroll off to another page. I guess you could cut down those 2 read only areas into 1 and then have 1 open forum.
    I would disagree with a whole site for members only. The reason would be that prospective racers would not be able to read or post up any questions they may have. That's also the reasoning I had behind suggesting a member's only area and an open forum for all. I think registration to post should be required though.
    I'll agree with you about having too many forums, it's gets overwhelming to people and can get confusing on where to post......just look at my message board I really need to consolidate a lot of the forums.
    just my opinion and some suggestions.

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    Everyone should be able to post if njba gets their own message board.There are plenty of people involved in njba that dont actually race..Example; most board members,crew members,new racers,spectators and fans.

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