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Thread: Eddie Marine...this is a new low

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    I don't usually post subjects on this type of matter but this is a blatant rip off of the boatbling product . If anyone has seen the cuurent ***boat magazine, on the full page Eddie Marine ad there is a new item for the 496 motor. It is there but you have to look past the girls of ***boat online photo spread (very nice might I add) Apparently they designed and cut a new engine cover at their in house cnc shop with a striking similarity to the boatbling engine covers we have seen on HB members boats all over the country for over a year. I have personally witnessed the hard work and effort put forth by Patrick (Roln 20s) and Tom (Dr. Margarita) in the past two years in an effort to create a unique product which they stand behind with excellent post sale customer service.
    I can understand the business mentality in which improving an existing product is simply the way things are done especially in the west coast performance boat market but the following pictures do all of the talking on this matter.
    Boat bling cowlings...
    Eddie Marine Cowlings...

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    Yep, definitely looks like someone "borrowed" another person's good idea. :yuk:
    Thing looks EXACTLY like a Boat Bling cover. Probably took an original, made a pattern, and now that is their new product. Can someone say A$$HOLES!!!

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    We all know that unless it's patented, it's free game. Sux for BoatBling.

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    Wonder how much $$$ they're getting for them. Sucks for the "little guys" :yuk:

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    I do believe that there are several patents on the boatbling cowlings...guess we'll have to see where it goes

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    Can someone say A$$HOLES!!!Let's ask Rexone what he thinks.

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    We all know that unless it's patented, it's free game. Sux for BoatBling.
    Funy thing is, Wes (froggystyle) did this with alot of the items on the Trident boat. and it was big drama, that he would pursue someone for "borrowing" his ideas. It does suck that Eddie "stole" the boat bling Idea. But that is what the boating industry is made up of.

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    It's been happening in the boat business since Noah built the Ark.
    Calling it "splashing" just sugar coats the real term...

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    If I recall properly, when Dana Marine originally came out with the hydraulic hatch hinges, Eddie copied them. I remember Dana getting a cease and desist order placed on Eddie's manufacturing of them because they were pattented.
    ****Could be wrong. Going off of memory.****

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