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Thread: Cool NEW Battery Boxes

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    Summers right around the corner, time to get those boat projects completed!!!??? Right like they ever end...
    Just thought I'd show you guys the new Billet Get Real Battery Boxes we just got in with a built in battery charger.
    Get Real Performance billet optima battery boxes with built in chargers. These charger will trickle charge two Optimas and shut off when done. No need to worry about overcharging. The charger is built into the post of the box. You can get this box in standard mount, stringer mount, double box standard mount and double box stringer mount.
    If you have any question about these boxes or any other upgrades you would like to do on your boat please feel free to give me a call. Thanks Jim.

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    Now that right there is taking something and makeing it better. http://www.***
    How do they handle the occasional watering down? Does it have a water proof plug or something to keep the water from the electronics?
    The actual plug in adapter comes unplugs off the post and a rubber plug covers the input. The actual charger itself is completely sealed will handle the water fine.

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    It would be nice to have a plastic battery box with a strap on cover to slip those battery boxes into.
    That way it would be totally water proof.

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    How much for 2? Where are you?

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    Couple companies have carried those for hotrods for sometime now... Nice throwing in the trikle charger though

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    If you already own a Get Real Battery Box you can buy just the post with built in charger... Thanks for all your interest, these boxes are sweet!!!!

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