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Thread: NYC, LBC, Hawaii, what now?

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    I mostly read here and bearly post. I`m taking off and moving to Hawaii. I just spent since oct. there and didnt see one boat that looked like it could do over 30. So I`m bringing my own. My current boat will be for sale hopefully trade.(it`s in the spam section.) I`m moving to the big Island and am wondering If anyone else is from there or lives there now.
    I`ll still be back to help Brock at the drags in bakersfield when I can. If any members come over don`t be shy we`d love to take you where your rental can`t go. LOL ( All the good beaches are 4x4 access only) .. whoooya Bradhttp://www.*** http://www.***
    P.S. This post is not an anti california/ mainland thread. Just news! :rollside:

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    Havasu Cig
    I love Hawaii and we have talked about moving there more than a few times. I want to check out property on the North Shore of Oahu. I love Maui, but there is more to do on Oahu.
    I talked to a guy that runs a tour boat on Maui and he said there is one guy on the island that has a Cig, but he does not use it very often. I also know another guy that lives back here now but lived on Maui for a number of years. He said the boating was brutal. Very dangerous water between the islands.

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    I'm jelious. I'd go if my wife would. Have fun and aloha!

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    Liquid Courage
    We have a condo in Kona on the big Island that my family has owned since the late 60's. It's right on Ailii Drive about 2 miles south of town. I grew up over there in the summers and still absolutely love it!! We go there twice a year to relax.
    No, you wont see any performance boats over there. I was with my buddy (who has a Tiger) over there last April and we started thinking about shipping his Tiger over there for a couple of months use then started asking around about what the deal is with no performance boats. The Kona Coast is some REALLY nice water for running! We were told by several people there are restrictions on speeds etc. and seasonal restrictions due to the marine life (whales, dolphins, etc). Basically, it sounds worse than even Florida has to deal with with Manatee. Needless to say we scrubbed that idea and sent the Tiger to Florida
    What part of the Big Island you moving to? Why you moving out there? Good luck on the new life.

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    Phat Daddy
    North Shore is where it's at!!! If you drive far enough, you'll come to the set of the show Lost right on the beach. Beautiful beaches and great people.

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    We'll be moving to Kona. I can handle a few tickets when they catch me if thats the case. Say , how would injected blower sound from Kona? LOL

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    Know a guy who lives on Maui... You'll srub the boat infavor of racing hitech outrigger kyaks around the islands flying the ohma If you need any a/v installation Paul Apao is your guy out there
    Speaking pigeon yet?

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    Hawaii is a great place to live. I have a two cousins who have lived on Maui and Kaui for more than 20 years. They both love it their with the exception of costs.

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    We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon this past September. Ever since I tell my husband I want to move to Hawaii. Hopefully someday that will happen.

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    I have to where a hard hat and jeans all day but I`m doing good out there just setting tile. It just brings the pace down for me. (From NYC thats a big change)
    My friends and others say my boat would be fine out there in the summer mornings but I don`t think they know what kind of boat I really have. Shes a protest to freeboard. (that means none..) :rollside:

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