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    Hope this is the place to ask.
    Anybody know of any 19' Daytonas for sale.
    Preferrably less motor. So. Cal. area.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I have one less engine.
    78 Eliminator (

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    DaytonaDan, what are looking to do with the new ride?We Might be able to offer up some advice.
    I know of a few that are for sale.

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    hey cs19,
    looking for hot rod lake/river use, dont need super lite hull.
    setup for BBC, clean, tryin not to spend a million bucks.
    Thanks for the help.

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    If your looking for true performance get one that has the rounded keel on it.
    you might want to check with luvnlife here on ***boat, hes selling one, I dont know anything about that boat.Id also take a look at the one squeezing spectra has, its got alot of potential, just get rid of the ford thats in it. watch as well.
    I know of a VERY nice new one less engine, but he wants 20 plus k for it.

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    Thanks for the help. Gotta deal going.
    Sure I'll need more help along the way.
    Thanks again.

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    $10,000, or? with fresh motor and all the goodies. Its a 77 that Greg also built. Every thing blueprinted, SS impeller,ride plate, shoe, SS tanks. Boat has gone 104 with a single carb econo rail engine in it.
    Pics didn't work I,ll try again in a while, or go to Look under quepas00

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