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Thread: Predicted: $250.00+ Far A Barrel Of Oil

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    baja 232
    If this was to happen , I don't know what to think. It has to do with 3 or 4 OPEC countries being anti-USA,plus IRAN wanting a nuclear bomb. It could be good though. third world countries would stop using oil and eventually the price would go down plus oil inventories would go up. either way it SUCKS!

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    So gas is going up again? neat.

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    sorry dog
    I think this would most likely cause a severe worldwide recession...but remember that the middle east countries pretty much only have one thing to sell- if they call a world wide recession and the price plummets then they suffer as much or more.

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    If we quit screwing around with the ground troops and all this humanitarian BS.Then we could go in and fight a real war with the air power that the US has and go in and first off level the place the with the lucky ones that were left Would probably be alittle more understanding about the whole situation.
    Then go in and recap the oil wells and run a new gasline to the ports for the docks to be a bustling little hub of proprietary trading.

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    H20 Toie
    ****ing companys riping uous off mother ****eres oh wellli han stilling uuseinfgfg the dam boat

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    ****ing companys riping uous off mother ****eres oh wellli han stilling uuseinfgfg the dam boat
    :crossx: :crossx: :crossx:

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    Get out the tin foil hats....... :crossx:

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    Forkin' Crazy
    I think we need to drill for more oil in that waste land called Alaska... not only that but off the east AND the WEST coasts!!!

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