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Thread: Lets talk about some events for 2006

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    Ok, so we are moving on and the Freeboard Challenged name is no longer going to be used. From now on I think we as a group should put the events togethor right here online, just like we did for The 6th St. showdown.
    One of the first things we need to do is get a name for the events. Feel free to throw out your ideas. I think River Rods # 1 would work. Go ahead and throw out some names and later on down the road we'll do a poll here on ***boat and vote on it,if thats what you guys wanna do. It would be nice to come up with something halfway professional so people will take it seriously, not that Mentally challenged # 1 wasnt serious enough.
    Other things to talk about might be locations and dates. I definatly think we should throw a 4th of July deal on the lower river again,only not at 6th St.this time.That place just didnt work out for lots of reasons, it could work for an off weekend deal, but not on the 4th.Naturally, we need to work around the races, the weekend after a race is always better than the weekend before for those of us that are doing the double duty thing.As far as locations,Aha Quin is definatly something we should consider as its got ALOT of good things going for it including plenty of parking, perfect location (which is 20 miles north of blythe, and maybe 30 minutes south from Big river on the highway) They have avgas on the water,a small bar,a decent resturant, cold beer and ice,a very nice ramp, a large cove and an awesome sandbar just up river, even a drag boat could make it to that sandbar, its super close.There are also plenty of hotels in both Parker and Blythe as well.Id be willing to call and ask them if we would be welcome, or maybe some you of you guys know Craig better than I do and you could talk with him. One thing is for sure, he'll make some coin on the deal.M&D Perf., do you know Craig at all since your at AHA?
    Another good location to consider would be Willow Valley in the Needles area.They have awesome sandy beaches, good water and there is plenty of parking on the indian reservation.A 4 wheel drive is usually needed to launch on the reservation, but its only about 10 minutes down river from AVI and maybe 20 up from Needles so launching there is always an option.The beaches are policed by Fort Mojave indian police, they are pretty cool with everything as long as you pay your small fee to use the beaches.
    Big river always works out well, but weve already done so many there in the past and I think we need more of a variety, however Id personally like to have a few gatherings there.
    Just some things to think about if we want to do this.
    Hopefully you guys have something to add, what do you guys think? Speak up!

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    :idea: seems I'v been down this road before . If you need some help Chris give me a yell. I say we do one in the first part of May. the weather should be warm enough the water will be up "Cinco De Hot Rod"

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    Post the schedule for NJBA. Late April/early May is perfect. Just work the dates around the big weekends and the races. Probably be better off "planning" one at a time. Lets start with the first one. Put "planning" in quotes cause I think the more organization that goes into these, the easier it is for them to go sideways, or for somebody to get their feelings hurt. Let 6th St. be the template for the "organization" of these "events".

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    Post the schedule for NJBA.
    Planned NJBA race dates:
    March 18 & 19
    April 22 & 23
    May 20 & 21
    June 18 & 19
    September 16 & 17
    October 21 & 22
    November 11 & 12

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    I did a gathering a few years back at Needles that was lots of fun. Lets start planning now. I am jonesing for some seat time and if my boat was not in Bullhead city I would have joined you guys last weekend at Elsinore.

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    RR, another Elsinore get togethor is in order after New Years, we'll set a date here shortly.

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    early May will be the best time to do the first one. it's after sping break and before summer. lets find a place that has a place that will be camp ground friendly (a place that would have beach close to your camp)

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    Being that this is the first season that I will get to enjoy my boat I cant wait for any and all up and coming events. "River Rods" sounds like a damn fine name or at least a damn fine place to start. All the above mentioned places sound like cool places to hang out so why not start at the bottom and work our way up or visa versa.

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    Midgit Tight Rope Walking In March

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    Beerjet very impressive avatar, I think I need to use the bathroom!

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