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Thread: new to v drives

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    whats up everybody i just bought my first v drive well my first boat at that...its a 61 sanger..i got it for 500 bucks needs new interior and motor...and i am going to repaint it anyway..but my v drive is frozen i haven't tried to break it loose or try to whats up with it....does anybody know what motor came stock in that year? i have blue anodized chevy mounts but it doesn't mount up to the boat...but its a project..

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    Welcome to the board. Motor could have been anything. Sounds like a piece of history. Post a Pic.

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    welcome to HB sounds like a fun project

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    There is a number of possibilites of power for a 61 marine application. As varied as the automotive choices of that era. 283 Chevys were popular,324 and 394 Oldsmobiles, Cadiliac V8s, (not sure of the size, but very torquey) early versions of the 389 Pontiac, and the old Buick "nailhead" 425, of course. Even Y block Fords found their way into a few boats, and a few late 50s FE Ford motors as well. Chrysler Hemis, 354 and 392, as well as the ever present 318. As you can see, there were many choices, and boat builders, some at least, would offer their boats with the engine brand of your choice, with the prices adjusted accordingly. As to what your boat "had" originally, I haven't a clue. There may be some of the "younger" older guys that remember your boat manufacturers choice in the early 60s, even some that rigged them back then. You are in the right place for info, just be patient...........MP

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    BA Kurtis
    Welcome, sounds like a cool boat to do a restoration on. Like mp said you are in the right place there is alot of good info and alot of good people willing to give it up. Have fun and good luck

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    Welcome aboard, sounds like a cool project let's see some pics!..

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    Welocme, right now your best investment before you do anything is go get a modest digital camera and learn how to post pictures. The good people on this forum will give you more information than you can imagine and prevent you from doing anything stupid, dangerous, costly or all of the above! My thought would be to keep this boat old school and resist the urge to just throw a BBC in it. A 455 Pontiac could go in there that would look exactly like a period correct 389 and there still are parts around to do it.

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    I'm with Jim on this one. I like the looks of a Nail Head with some webbers for classic old skool cool.

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    Jim, have yoyu looked for any 455 Pontiac cranks lately? Or 96 heads? Those old Pontiac pieces are getting harder and harder to find......I agree with the multi carbed nailhead.......6 carbs or 8, that should be the only question....MP.

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    hey guys thanks for all the info so far...i have a digital camera just havent had any time to post any pics up yet..but i should be taking some pictures tomarrow...we are goint to drop the boat in the water tomarrow so that we can figure the wireing out on the trailer and see if we need to replace any boards and we are going to sand the trailer so we can paint it...but i do have a question about the three drain holes in the back of the i plug all three of them or 2 or none......let me know what you guys think...and i should be taking some pictures tomarrow so that i can start a before and after booklet..also will this boat be worth something someday...
    thanks everybody

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