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Thread: Duelly talk,, your take:

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    Flying Tiger
    I dunno if anyone has read about the new Duramax to be released in about 24 months with the new 6 speed Allison tranny,, and the excellent looking restyled GMC,, but among others it has caught our attention.
    The new Ford Tonka will be excellent too.
    We're getting ready to pull the trigger on one of the new line (April - Redline and Full Throttle) of Toy box fifth wheels in the 40 to 42 foot range,, tripple and quadruple slide out.
    We keep the boat garaged at the river.
    The old Jaspers that are full time fifth wheel RV'er say if ya "look it up" (old folk talk), that the regular 1 ton singles are rated right in there with the duellys.
    OK,, I haven't looked it up yet,, because the rig we'll buy isnt built just quite yet,, but with what's available,, what's your take on duellys?
    Can ya get by without it today,, or is it a real advantage?
    Seems duellys always have crunched fenders,, and forget garaging them,, and most wifies & GF's hate driving them too.
    I've always figured that it's the difference between feeling what your towing and not with the 2 xtra wheels back there.
    Are Duellies the BFD they seem?
    Your take:

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    I was under the impression that the Dually wheels were for stability
    And you can get bigger rotors and drums behind those wierd offset wheels.

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    Glencoe MiniDay
    That is a huge Toy Box but with all those beds I cant quite fit a boat in the damn thing :rollside:

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    this issue has been argued about over and over on other sites. ( ratings and performance are totally differant in this case. with a 5th wheel that size, you really are pushing the limit even with a 1 ton dually. and yes the dually is more stable. wind, road condition, blow outs (flat tires), ect. ratings are a limit set from the factory and when adding dual wheels and larger brakes it adds more wieght to the vehicle, which in turn lowers the GVWR. yes the GVWR is now lower, but the added items are a benefit for towing larger trailers. see were im going with this? i used to be picked on for buying an F550 to tow my 5th wheel untill a major accident happened and a man killed a woman after running over her with his truck and toy hauler. he thought he was under the limit and safe with a 1 ton truck. insurance determined he was over weight and he is now in prison, lost his house, job, wife, and is being sued for millions. im guessing that trailer your looking at is rated at 15000# to keep it under the limit. after 15000# you need a special drivers lic. in all actuality, im betting after you load it up it will wiegh more. then combine it with the wieght of the truck (somewere around 8000#) and then determine if you are legal. LEGAL and SAFE is the main concern here.

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    Both the SRW and the DRW have pros and cons if you are using it pull heavy loads, its up to the consusmer to do their research and get what they need to be safe and legal. Blowouts on a dually could take out you outer fender that could cost anywhere from $900-$1500 cash or at minimum your ins deductable, weight buying 6 tires vs 4, parking can be a bitch, going thru drive thru's at the bank or some fast food restaraunts? Forget it.But they dont sway in the wind or get pushed around by your trailer.They usually have heavier springs and heavier duty axlesfor more payload and are capable of handling more pin weight on the 5ers.But like victorfb said the SWR can legally tow more ( usually about 500#'s) because of the added weight of the dually.If i was going to get a cabover i would have a dually for sure.To get the stability of a dually on a SWR you need to add airbags and sway bars. It all about what you really need.

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