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Thread: Hot Boats and Babes 2006 photo shoot

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    Feel free to post feedback and questions to this post.
    We will be taking over Cabo Loco / Casa Lago Resort on North Lake Travis, Texas. April 21-23,2006.
    The resort area covers over 54 acres. With a private boat ramp, motel rooms facing the lake, volleyball courts, horse shoes pits, disc golf, grass beach area, kids playground, and an on site bar and restaurant.
    We have made special arrangements with the owner of the resort for camping and self contained RV's. For you high rollers, you will have the opportunity to purchase a condo for the event. The condo cost is based a 3+ night stay. Contact information: John Murphy 512.267.5959.
    The photo shoot will span over all three days. Saturday will be the main photo shoot day.
    The show and shine contest and group photo at cow creek will be held Saturday. The show and shine contest will have several categories. The categories will be best paint job, best “bling” motor and longest haul. The bling motor categorize will be judged by the several of our bikini models. Awards will be awarded Saturday night during the party at the bar.
    Sunday brunch starts at 10am. Any final photos will be taken on Sunday. We will have the ability to print photos at the event. Pre registration will be required. Closing for registration will be 10 days prior to the event. T-shirts and ladies tank tops will be available (higher quality shirts this year). The registration fee will be on a per person price.
    Event fee: $35.00 per person.
    The fee includes use of the facilities all weekend, boat ramp, t-shirt or ladies tank top, Saturday night buffet, Sunday brunch and night security at the resort.
    Additional cost will be:
    Lakeside motel room $75.00 per night + tax. This includes 2 queen beds. You must let them know you are with McQueeney Bikini to get this rate.
    Condos will be available. Please call for a price. John Murphy 512.267.5959.
    Tent camping on the property on the lake will be $12.50 per night. Primitive camping.
    RV camping. No hookup. $15.00 per night. Ground fires are prohibited at this time. Rules may change so ask when you arrive.
    Happy hour at Cabo Loco is 11am – 7pm all weekend long $1.00 off everything. You can bring alcohol and drink at the beach. Drinks must be purchased at the bar when in the bar.
    Pre registration forms are available on line at Follow the link PS 2006 to register. This is not a public event. We will not be advertising. There will be security on site during the entire event. To include Friday and Saturday night. Mainly watching cookiemans boat.
    You register on line or download one and snail mail it in with your payment.
    McQueeney Bikini will have a booth with Bikinis, accessories, sandals, flip flops, sunglasses etc. Mastercard and Visa will be accepted.
    Photo packages will be available. You can choose your model as part of your photo package. Photos will be printed at the event!. Posters size prints at 13 X 19 will be available or you can purchase a disk at the event. All boats will be shot on the water this year. No trailer shots. We are going to use a number system with a scheduled time. The ability to make calendars of your photos will also be an option. Calendars will be made after the event.
    Vendor will also be welcome at this event. If you have a vendor in mind invite them to the event. Vendors will not be charged for space. Swap a selling of items will be allowed. So bring what you need to sell.
    Pricing and rules have been posted but are not excluded from change. Additional items may be added so please monitor this posting. Additional question can be asked by emailing McQueeney Bikini from the site or calling 210.834.3422.
    We ask that all trash be picked up and disposed of properly. This includes smoke butts. Let's keep the ground clean.
    We are stoked about this event and we are trying hard to make it one of the best experiences of the year.
    We would like to thank everyone prior to the event. Thank you!
    Ed and Renee Schulz.
    Renee Schulz 210.834.3422

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    maroon is my favorite color how far and what direction from lubbock

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    I like Blue.

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    like the mirror finish on that deck a nice spread

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    hope I can get the liberator together by then !

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    Stay tuned to this post for more information to one of the biggest, and
    best boating events of the year for Texas boaters which is now in it's
    second year and growing. This is the type of events which helps our
    groups grow and get the type of attention we need. Your support is
    appreciated and hopefully we can get Hot Boat mag. to do another
    spread on the event. Please participate if you can. Thanks

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    hey taylorman all it takes is money hows it going anyway it ready for paint or what ya up to? keeps the pics coming

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    The brunette in the purple and the blonde in the red are my future ex-wives.

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    The brunette in the purple and the blonde in the red are my future ex-wives.
    LOL Does Tammy know about this????

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    Shark In The Pond
    LOL Does Tammy know about this????
    If I was a betting man I would say ....... NO :crossx:

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