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Thread: Engine Help Please? Not running right

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    I am trying to get my 427 chevy dialed in for the season. It has a dual point mallory and a holley 750 on it. This winter I put on new plug wires, plugs, cap and rotor and new fuel pump. I got it running but it has a miss and won't idle. I pulled all the plugs and all of them look dark except cylinder number 1 which looks like it has never been run. I checked it for spark and it seems fine. The intake and exhaust valves are opening and closing fine. I re-adjusted all the valves just to make sure. I am going to change plugs tommorrow since the closest auto parts store is 30 miles away. Any ideas? Thanks....Lumpy
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    Take a good plug that you know to be firing and swap it with the one that did not seem to be firing before running down the hill. Re-check all the plug wires at the distributor cap.
    Good luck.

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    Where I was going with this is you can maybe determine whether it is the plug or the wire. I understand about the drive.

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    Thanks Dave,
    The thing is I held the plug that looks like new to the block and cranked the engine over and it sparked just fine. I also tried another wire. Ran the same. I am lost....Thanks again

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    I know this may seem obvious but many times problems like this turn out to be very basic stuff. Make sure you don't have 2 plug wires crossed. Being that you've replaced all this its worth a mention.

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    While the motor is running pull #1 plug wire off, if it stays the same you know # 1 is the problem, wire, valves, plug or dist. cap

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    Lumpy,does it run okay once you get above idle?If so you probably have a plugged primary circuit.I had the same thing happen,wouldn't idle but ran fine at cruising speed.Take out the primary idle screws and blow out the passages with compressed air.Also take out the needle and seat valves and blow them out then reset the floats.Make sure you don't have dirt or sediment in the carb or float bowls like I did.Replace fuel filter.

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    Timing light will not flash if the plug is not firing.
    Put the timing light on each cyl to see which is not sparking.
    Weak ignition will cause that also. Too much plug gap or point gap. Will not jump the spark plug gap under pressure.

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    Damn that info guy is sharp as a razor.I'd have never thought of that one....

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    You might want to check the fuel. If its from last season, it may have gone stale, or condensation built up and you have water in the system.

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