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Thread: RRX Boat show pics!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am not going to cut and paste them all here so FOLLOW ME!!!! (

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    Nice pics Chris!

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    Sweet, more pics of my Nordic :rollside: Thanks for the link

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    Great pictures.... it was a lot of fun and thanks for stopping by!!

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    Good stuff Chris, now I realize how much I missed !!

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    I am not going to cut and paste them all here so FOLLOW ME!!!! (
    Chris it was nice to kick back and chat with you for a while. Look forward to more of the same this summer in Havi..
    Nice pics.

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    Who ISN'T fired up for summer now!
    I wanna go boatin'

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    Thanx for sharin' rrx! Now that ya ruined the plot and told me that the butler did it, I don't have to go see it for myself! Thanx again!

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    You will want to see it me!

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    Hardly Satisfied
    nice pics, thanks

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