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Thread: Maragarita Machine

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    Does anyone in AZ have a hook up on a Maragarita Machine?

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    If you're gonna go......go large!!

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    That's what I am talking about...A couple of gallons of Patron and it's on!!

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    My buddy found a couple of those ones they use at bars for about $900 each on eBay.

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    I really wasn't looking to purchase unless it was a good price. This is going to be for a party. I need something to mix the Goose and Cranberry faster and keep it well mixed...LOL J/k It for a party though!

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    just rent one man. There are a few rental places here that have them. I'm sure you can rent one close to ya though.

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    I'm looking into it!!

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    No finders yet POOKIE? I guess it's yellow pages time...

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    a catered life
    when do you need it i may be able to help if you cant rent one out there...might be a long shot but this guy has been bugging the crap out of me to try his machine with my catering company maybe i can get you one for a weekend if that helps maybe some members can transport it to you

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    If you could that would be great I'll PM you my number.

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