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Thread: Lavey Crafts' new Hot Rod

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    yes, that is one sick boat.........

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    crazy lookin boat, nice gel

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    yes, that is one sick boat.........
    Kilr...You can't say that, it's doesnt say DCB all over it!

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    Lavey is taking a little something from Outerlimits and scaling it down to the lake size boat....good looking boat!

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    Oh, and if you really want to look like a geek, sit in it and have someone snap your picture by suprise!

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    The gel on that boat is worth the trip to see. I really liked that one!

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    Maybe it's just me, but I like boats which resemble custom boats and not cars or spaceships. True the OuterLimits might be one bad ass mother - if you cut the top half off! At least make it a targa....
    West Coast, not East Coast! Know whadda I mean?

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Crazy Lookin, Different

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