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Thread: Did ya ever wonder what would happen if....

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    A big tour bus (you know, the Greyhound type) decided to change lanes into your boat and trailer at 50 mph? Unfortunately, I know. Pics tomorrow.

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    ouch, that totally sucks.

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    WHOOOA! :cry:
    Always concerned about the back of mine when trailering around.

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    A big tour bus (you know, the Greyhound type) decided to change lanes into your boat and trailer at 50 mph? Unfortunately, I know. Pics tomorrow.
    Oh damn!!!!!
    How bad?

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    Uhg, im so sorry to hear that. I could only imagine the sadness/rage thats going on at the same time inside you. On the other hand, im really curious to see the pics.. :crossx:

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    It's dark out, and I'm not in much of a mood to go investigate. I was lucky it only took out one wheel/tire and I had a spare in the truck. The fender is WAY mangled, pushed up and into the hull, and the trailer rail has a different attitude now.

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    Roost, say it aint so!!!!!!!!!! Are you F***ING SERIOUS????????? Thats screwed up! I would be so emotional if that were to happen to me. I feel your pain bro :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Are they atleast going to pay for it? A new boat is nice in all but sentimental value is lost :cry:

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    They'll repair or total (depending on what damage is found), but after insurance gets done lowballing me, it'll be going over to Tom Papp's place for an estimate on the trailer and to inspect the hull. This is not the way I wanted to give Todd some work.

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    Roost, this is horrifying news. Sorry to hear it.
    I remember when I drove a total of 24 hours to Oregon and back to pick up the hydro/less powerplant. I handed over $X000 cash and got back onto Hwy 5 south headed for California. Once up to speed (and just minutes after handing over the doe), I observed a senior citizen couple merging onto the freeway at the very next on ramp. I could already calculate it was going to be close, and feared they would try to tuck in directly behind the truck I was driving (hydro is on a dolly trailer and so the track width stays hidden behind the truck). Sure enough this was the case, and I slammed on my brakes so that they might merge into/might hit my pickup instead of the boat. I think the maneuver freaked them out (I doubt they really understood what I was trying to do), and they swerved away. Had I held my speed though, it might have been a different story for my boat.
    Had there been damage, I don't know if I could have convinced a private party insurance company that they own me $$$$$ for a red & white pile of splintered fiberglass, but at least you have something going in your case, and it involves two key workds:
    Commercial Insurance.
    Good luck,

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    sorry to hear that...
    Make sure you point out that crack that they put in that new 20k motor you just put in....* wink* *wink*

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