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Thread: Q for the business owners out there...

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    I had a Idea that I want to toss around to see if some business owners would be intrested in.
    Would you be intreseted in Graffiti Insurance?
    Here's what i am thinking... AFter I paint your commerial building I offer this "insurance" that if any 1 does tag your building I would come back out "free of charge" to remove/blast/ repaint it in less then 24hr after being contacted. I am think about a small monthly fee say from 50- 100 a month or so. With a contract for say 6 months to when ever...
    So would you be intrested in such a service?
    *** THIS IS NOT SPAM***
    Just a idea I have been stewing on for awhile.

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    The city of Anaheim does that for free. And they are right on it too.

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    H20 Toie
    I wouldn't pay that. it's a lot cheaper to just have one of the guys fix it than even $50 month but we don't have a big problem here the truck gets tagged about once a year.

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    I dont have a problem with graffiti but if I did, why wouldnt I just hire a guy 10 bucks/hr for a few hours to paint the grafitti away? Or are we talking about MEGA-Grafitti?

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    Would you be intreseted in Graffiti Insurance?
    I had a gang banger ask me this very same question once.

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    Any 1 else???

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    I had a gang banger ask me this very same question once.
    That really sucks......

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    I'd only consider it if I had a consistant reoccuring Graffiti problem and not just a once in a while thing. Of course that's the type of customer you probably wouldn't want lol.

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    City of Riverside will also come out and do it for free (well, not free as taxpayers).
    Like your thinking though!

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    a catered life
    sounds to me your target audience may be some of the building owners closer to the high crime areas (ex downtown la) it is cheaper and smarter to just paint the building in a color thats primiarly available anywhere and just repaint it yourself or have a staff member do it nice idea but most cities will do it for free.i know in palmdale they are on it fast for free we just have to call

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