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Thread: Tha little v6 that could

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    Blown 472
    run a 10.18

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    Blown 472:
    run a 10.18 those Grand Nationals are serious.....that looks to be a t-type. My old boss had a 1987 GN with bigger turbo and intercooler, all the bells and whistles. he was low 11's on street tires. just never could get used to the sound of the 3.8L

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    Here ya go, 9.60's wwith a bent six This was taken at the GS Nationals in Ketucky this year, and he drives it on the street.

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    Racing Ray
    Here is a pic of my friend John Galina's GN current NHRA record holder and first Super Stock car ever in the 7"s 7.93@178.63

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    Cool Pics!
    I can still remember seeing Buddy Ingersoll's Regal getting into the low 7's (and all the other pro stockers say...he can just turn up the boost). Granted, it never was that consistent, but it was fast! BB/AT
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    Hey Ray, what class does your bud run? I looked through all the SS records and the fastest thing I saw was 8.34 for SS/AM His GN is bad looking one way or the other!
    Buddy's Buick was bad,, everyone else was tearing down the track in the 7 teens and he was woshin' it to the 7-ohs!!! The Pro Stock boys certainly didn't want to tangle with that!

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    Racing Ray
    John runs SS/DX it is listed in the latest ND.

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    Thanks man! Is that class strictly for the turbo car? I love watching those things run. Kind of quiet and unsuspecting and then they lay down a great pass! Use to be the same way with Hurley Blakeney (sp?) turbo T-bird

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    Racing Ray
    Stands for Super Stock class "D" eXperimental and yes it is for turbo cars. Turbos can run in normal Stock classes. John and Marka live in Vegas now read all about thier records on the web site.
    Fast Buicks

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    Nice site, some runnin' turbos there

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