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Thread: RB's Hot or Not updates

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    RB has slipped to a 5.6 in his ratings. Don't worry RB. You're still hotter than 51% of the guys on there.
    Also, this chick keeps showing interest in you on RB. Figured I would let you see who see's you. Enjoy.

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    Haha....RB GET ER DONE!!!! :crossx: Probably a Freak in the Sheets!!! :220v:

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    i dont know bill i think she keeps showing interest for a reason ill tell steve to give her your digits pimp!!

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    Want to hear somthing funny . I have talked to that girl and she is actually in Nigeria. She has called me a number of times she is the biggest fraud deal out there. She sent me 2 money orders that she needed cashed in the states. both for $2000.oo each I took them to my bank like a nice guy. Only to find out the money orders were fake. But If I would have had that kind of money in my account I would have got taken for a ride. For some one from Green bay she doesnt speak very good engish.

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