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Thread: so is UNIONJACK gonna do it????

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    I have a gut filling that UNIONJACK is gonna be posting artwork of his new F32 anyday now..... So, when is that old clapper F29 going up forsale????
    tobtek stiring the pot

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    Dave never sat down with me or even talked about it. I know I asked for a ride in it. Luck I went to the lake on saturday, to get a quick fix before the show.
    Toby, I like what I am hearing, I will try to keep you imformed with the gel ideas

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    UJ, don't worry. You're not alone. Chris spent a good 30 minutes in that boat and I was thanking GOD he forgot his checkbook in the car. Every year it's a new boat, I'm not complaining, but I thought we were set with this one for at least a year. :rollside:
    Maybe we can both be in 32's next year. Let someone else be the guinea pigs on the new boat.

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    The boat was very cool

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    I got a 100.00 on UNIONJACK that he gets one before the show is over.UJ, so what do you want for the F29?

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    A free thing of LUBE

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