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Thread: Eddlebrock heads opinon

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    Just wondering what all of you think about Alum. Eddlebrock heads.. Tx
    Racingray... Thanks for your input...

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I've got the Performer RPMs on my mouse motor- I love em. I had em blended and ported to match my manifolds. I used the valves, but substituted the stock springs for the Crane doubles. No issues yet.

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    Personally, LL, I really like them a whole bunch, especially when I don't have to pay for them myself! It sure is a coincidence that you bring this up cause I was hanging out at this little "unknown" boat shop today and there just happened to be a real pretty set just sittin on the floor. Damn if I didn't get caught as I was trying to drag them out to my truck. I think I might have to go back tomorrow and try again, whadda ya think? Anybody miss um?

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    When I bought my boat it had a set of them on it (BBC). Well compared to my Darts they sure have some whimpy ports. They worked ok but the new engine is getting the Darts. If your not looking for big rpm I guess they will be ok. But your screen name is lostlake so maybe you should get a set of darts or brodex.

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    Racing Ray
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    hey superdave. thanks for the response, the ports are smaller than the darts i looked at them today, but since it is going in more of a family boat i think i will be o.k... they have 315 runners, 118cc, incolnel equast,and andoized for corroision, im sure they will work better than stock, under time limit had no choice if i wanted the boat by labor day.. tx.

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    by the way rio,,,, Keep those gruby little hands off those heads......
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    I'm using the 360's. They are going on a 572" turbocharged deal. They would be too big for what he is doing but some 320's would be nice. But it also sounds like the heads he has will also be fine too. He has got some darn fine exhaust valves for sure. Don't knok all stock heads lostlake. I also have a nice set of 990 iron heads that work very well on a 468". Opps, they aren't quite stock but pretty close.

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    Edelbrock head? great mid-performance head well machined very reliable and run very respectable.I would say best bang for the buck right out of the box, and if you want a little more later very easy to do port work to.

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    They are made for mid range performance. Pretty hard to upgrade.

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