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    I need someone in the SFV to fab a couple of parts for me and Schiada96 has moved.
    Anyone here know someone? I need a battery box cover and my down pedal fixed.

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    I know someone in Orange County.

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    Yeah me too.
    The shipping might kick my ass.
    HMMMMMMMMMMM but the quality will be worth it.
    My down pedal is the big foot type and the guy that owned the boat before me let a braided line wear a little groove in it. I need the whole pedal shaved to below the groove or welded up and ground smooth.
    Also need a new battery box cover, some 'tard took a sawzall or something to it to accomodate a different battery style. I'd have to ship you the cover with a template for the spiro cell batt I've got unless you have one the same size in your shop. You could probably just cut it down and weld a new top on it.
    The real tough one will be the round shim for the REX tranny shifter, damn thing was rigged to where the shifter scared the gel.
    I'll call you.

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