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Thread: 1987 carrera elite new powerplant

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    whiskey & water
    I just put in a 383 small block,believe it making 350 hp. Ran it got 62 mph at 5200 rpm with stock alpha drive (please hold together) with a quicksliver three blade prop. It had before a 350 mercruiser magnum rated at 260 horse and would run at 58mph at 4900 rpm both speeds check with GPS. On the 383 not sure if the Vaccumm secondary are opening. The 383 big difference was the pull that it had got their quick to 5200 had stayed. Thinking of increasing the prop. please make suggestion, comments anything. Wanting to hit 70 mph.

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    Get the motor working properly before playing with props.

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    carrera elite huh?? I had a 81 carrera elite, arneson #6 and blown 468 ran right at 100. great boat and they havent changed the design at all that i can see. 20 1/2 ft

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    Havasu Hangin'
    What size is your current prop? Where is the limiter set on the new motor?

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    whiskey & water
    Ya the carrera is the 20.5 elite at the prop now is 21 three blade quicksliver and the ears are round on the prop. Far as limiter you mean like a rev limiter right. I dont have one, but i am running the stock ignition system that came with the boat. What do you guys think the ration in the drive would be I am think like 1.47 to 1.5 ? Hey thanks guys for the replys. My wife is kill me, she told me to leave the boat alone. I told her that's what she get for marrying a dragboat racer.

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    I have a 383 with a procharger running 5 psi of boost and I just barely hit 70 mph. Its in a 23 ft Genesis with a brovo 1 with 1:65 gear running a 28 pitch lab finished four blade could go faster with a three blade. I doubt your 350 hp motor will hit 70 mph

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    Either take the engine cover off and watch the secondary linkage during transition to WOT. Or, if it is easier, borrow a mech sec carb and give that a whirl.
    Same carb as was on stock motor? May need next step or two larger. A marine Demon would work well.

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    Wild Horses
    Ya the carrera is the 20.5 elite at the prop now is 21 three blade quicksliver and the ears are round on the prop.
    I had a Advantage 20.5 Classic that I put in a 320 hp small block. I got 66 mph at havasu with a mirage prop. I tried alot of other props 3 and 4 blade (not merc props) it sure did like that mirage prop, made 3 mph difference for me.

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