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    I saw this rotting in a pasture. Stopped in just to see what the story was on it. I never got to look at it close up but it sounded like it had been sitting there awhile. His mom said he wasn't interesed in selling it and if he did he would want BIG money cause it was some special one of a kind blah blah blah. I suggested that he probably should at least cover it up or it wasn't going to be worth anything. She just smiled...Thought it looked pretty interesting though. Maybe an old Hallett?

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    I like it , but then again I dont know anything.
    Mandella:idea:just a guess

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    ARS Marine
    Appears to still be sitting on a V Drive trailer.
    One of a Kind :messedup:

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    I may be wrong but it looks like a pretty "straight" type boat. I seriously doubt it would turn at all..........One of a kind might be right, and since it's a flat, that is probably the only trailer that would work..............MP

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    Duane HTP
    Looks like someone has put an old Jacuzzi in a flat bottom v-drive boat. It probably wouldn't be worth dragging home.

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    It's a Hallett, it probably had an Olds, and it needed the plates (down) to keep it from hopping. Looks like an "A" pump Berkeley

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    Duane HTP
    Yeah, you're right on the pump. I didn't look close enough. Just saw the black and said JAC,

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    Boat Poor
    Hey BIGKATBOAT I believe its a Mandella.

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    taking a guess looked at the side maybe just me but i think it says brendella just a guess

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