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    LMFAO! Great pic!

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    Hardly Satisfied
    hope he's not married

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    bunny 166
    hope he's not married
    LOL! That's GHT, and he's married, but the Mrs. will crack up at that pic too....

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    Imagine that, Bgirl on the phone with a beer in the other hand.

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    Tom Brown
    There are a lot of women in that shot. Is that Windy with her back to the camera?

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    GHT STRAIGHT checking the backside..... :idea:

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    I think this picture is taken out of context. . I was looking at her shoes... :devil: :sqeyes:

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    that's one of them calender girlies, isn't it ?? :boxed: - keyes
    Yes she is one of the ones you were talking shit about, just in case you forgot here it is..........
    so these chicks that are here tonight, are "not" hb calender material ??? brother, i've seen that thing and believe you me, about 11 of those month pages being occupied should've hung it up about 5 years ago ;;;;; yuk - keyes

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    i don't remember such an "act" that you claim i have performed
    Oh I dont forget ......
    need a link .....
    better yet just look above

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