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Thread: Big Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Gentleman, start your engines ... Red Bull is motoring into NASCAR with a two-car NEXTEL Cup team for 2007. Team Red Bull is one of three teams selected by Toyota to introduce the top-selling Toyota Camry to the premier stock car racing series. Team Red Bull will be based in Mooresville, N.C., and stock car veteran Marty Gaunt will serve as the team's general manager.
    Rumors notwithstanding, more official information on the new team—including drivers and crew chiefs—will be announced in 2006 as the team ramps up for its maiden voyage in 2007.

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    Brian Ray
    I can almost bet Robbie Gordon will be driving one of those cars....and word on the street is Kevin Harvick might be driving the other. Kevin's contract with RC is up this year....
    When I think of Redbull I think of Robbie Gordon.....

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    Mikey is going to be a team owner/driver. Napa is going Toyota :crossx: Car looks fast, we'll have to wait and see though :idea:

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