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Thread: RB's little brother hard at work

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    Bill I hope you work harder than Steve does.

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    aww looks like nobody cares you little boat biatch

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    Thats where my damn Tax money goes!!!!! :crossx: haha..j/k dont work to hard!!! :rollside:

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    He never does...

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    hey while you guys were doing op6c and all the river weekends last summer where was i??? think about turn

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    And sleeping at work.

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    hahaha funny ill trade shoes with anyone of you ...well except rivergroupie...lets see if you can do it..uh i think not....try going to a cax or wti det wouldnt like it to much.. :crossx:

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    gotta get that break in some time

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    gotta get that break in some time
    yep yep...14hrs on,10hrs off 7 days a week for 9 months with the occasional weekend off..i think i can say i did my share...knowing that ive done that more than once

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    Hardly Satisfied
    It's his lunch time

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